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Pub Index API is an indexing API for publishers.

The basic idea of the API is to get your content discovered, crawled, and then indexed faster.

An Indexing API pushes your update to Google for them to crawl and start the indexing process.

No Indexing API can ever guarantee indexing.

However, using an Indexing API properly can significantly increase indexing performance and reduce time-to-index at scale for publishers.

Getting Started

The basic features of the API include:

  • Indexing API
  • RSS feed & Sitemap change detection

What you’ll need

To use the PubIndexAPI you will need two things:


There are currently 4 different plans available:

  • Micro
  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

How to choose a plan

If you don’t need RSS/sitemap polling and publish/update less than 20,000 times per month - the micro plan should be suitable.

If your site is behind caching (such as AWS CloudFront) that affects how quickly your feeds, sitemaps and content appears live on the site, you will need to use RSS polling.

To poll a single RSS feed once per minute, you will need approximately 43,800 API requests per month.

For larger sites with higher budgets, the most optimal solution is to use each RSS feed you have submitted in Google Publisher Center.

You can also optionally set up polling for your News Sitemap.